Written By Jennifer Wilson

Getting Your Offer Accepted in a Competitive Market

Certain properties are getting multiple offers on them. I want to tell you how you can make your offer stand our from the crowd when there are multiple offers on the table.

Follow Instructions

First and foremost, the most important thing is that your agent follows the instructions. You’d be shocked how many times there are instructions on the MLS that the agent doesn’t follow. They automatically just kind of get knocked down a note with the listing agent, so you want to make sure you’ve got an agent who’s really good at following instructions. If you’re working with an agent and you’re telling them things and they’re not listening to what you’re telling them, that might be a sign you need a new agent.

Making Your Offer Attractive

Second, you want to make the most attractive offer possible. Your agent needs to do their job and connect with the listing agent on the other end and find out what the seller scenario is. Sometimes sellers want it to close extremely quickly and get paid, a quick close is the most important thing to them.

Sometimes you’ve got a seller who wants a longer close and they need to rent the home back for a little bit after it closes. It’s really important when you’re interviewing agents to ask them what their strategy is when you’re going to be submitting an offer for you and if that strategy doesn’t include connecting with the listing agent to assess the sellers needs, that’s a sign you might not have the right agent.

Another tip for once, once you find the right property and your agent follows the instructions on the MLS and connects with the listing agent to make sure they know the seller’s needs, is make your offer stand out.

To make that offer stand out there are two ways to do this, one that’s becoming very common is fir your to write a letter to the seller to give them a little insight into who you are because the seller doesn’t know who you are.  They don’t know you from the other offers on the table so you want to make yourself stand out. Tell them a little bit about who you are, your family, your kids. Talk about what brought you to the neighborhood and most importantly what you love about their house and what you see your family doing in that house. I want to raise my kids here, the schools are great. I went to the same school and am really excited to raise my kid. It’s on a cul-de-sac and I could see the kids playing on their bikes.

Tell those stories because that really will help your offer stand out. Or if you want to really take it to another level do a video. Google says that the most content we consume is by video. A letter is great but a video takes it to another level.

While you’re with your agents, stand out in front of the property and have your agent grab their cell phone and shoot a quick little video, Same exact principle talks about who you are, what you like about the neighborhood, what you like about the house and how you see yourself living in that house. Now you become more than just a number on a piece of paper. You’ve become a person.

There’s your tips on making your offer stand out and how to win in a competitive market. If you’re looking for an agent who’s going to help you stand out, give me a call.

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