Written By Jennifer Wilson

You hired a Realtor to sell your home. They have asked you to declutter the home prior to photography and videography of the property. As a seller, it is your job to assist in making sure the home presents beautifully during showings or Open Houses. We understand you still need to live in the home, but here are some suggestions in making your home stand out above the rest:

  • Replace all burnt our light bulbs
  • Make sure all doors knobs and locks work
  • Vacuum
  • Dust all all windows, furniture, ac intake vents, etc.
  • Replace/clean any ripped or dirty curtains and replace any broken blinds
  • Avoid strong house fragrances. This can give buyers the impression you are covering something up
  • Balance the number of house plants
  • Put away all personal photographs
  • Rearrange furniture or stow away any that doesn’t serve a purpose
  • Limit fining chairs to 6(exceptions made for large luxury properties)
  • Clean all appliances inside and out
  • Store all cleaning supplies away
  • Organize the pantry
  • Take out the trash
  • Organize closets
  • Repair any damaged walls. Repaint if necessary
  • Clean all moldy areas
  • Polish sinks and toilets
  • Keep all counters clean. Remove large appliances. Showcase the counter space
  • Make all the beds
  • Lock up any valuables
  • Turn on all lights and open all the blinds.
  • Take all pets with you, including their beds and toys

Showcasing your home in the best light will increase your chances of securing an offer. Remember, the perception of a well kept home brings value.

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